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We accept client fees only as compensation for objective advice. We do not manage assets or receive revenue from third parties, such as commissions from the sale of investments or other products or referral fees.

Comprehensive Financial Plan


INDIVIDUAl financial plan $2,500

COUPLE financial plan $3,750

annual review of financial plan $1,250

Gain a clear understanding and assessment of your current financial position and build a financial plan to help you work toward achieving your financial goals and objectives. Areas of review and analysis include financial goals and objectives, cash flow, debt management, retirement savings, tax-advantaged savings strategies, investment portfolio, risk management, and estate planning. 

This service includes:
- A minimum of three 60-minute or 90-minute virtual planning meetings
- Unlimited e-mail access
- A customized personal financial plan
- Three months of follow-up access

Annual Review of Financial Plan

While the Business of Your Life provides one-time comprehensive financial plans, financial planning itself is an on-going, continuous process, and as your lives evolve, so too do your financial circumstances. Clients are encouraged to reach out whenever they need additional guidance.

Restrictions apply at the discretion of the planner, including, but not limited to, time since last financial plan and significant changes to client's personal and financial circumstances.

The Financial Planning Workshop

The Business of Your Life provides a financial planning workshop to groups of individuals through their employers as a workplace benefit. The workshop encompasses financial planning education and guidance on how individuals can create their own personalized financial plan as well as confidential one-on-one individual sessions with employees.

The Financial Planning Workshop for workplace employees offers a unique opportunity to introduce basic financial planning concepts and guidance to individuals in a group setting. Because financial planning is personal and recommendations are based on a complete understanding and knowledge of an individual’s entire financial background, the workshop is strictly educational and informational in nature. 

PRICIng starts at $2,500 

final pricing depends upon the number of participants as well as the length and scope of the engagement.


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financial planning services

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