Financial Planning Services

Personal Financial Checkup

90 minutes $300

This is a one-time session where we can address your immediate financial questions and concerns. Discussion topics include: Financial Fundamentals; Cash Flow Management and Budgeting; Saving for Retirement.

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Personal Financial Review

 3 60-minute sessions $550

These sessions are about increasing your personal financial literacy as you learn what goes into creating a financial plan and work toward achieving financial security.

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If you’re interested in any of these services, book a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss next steps. 

This session will be conducted virtually through an online platform. 

Session topics will be determined before our scheduled meeting.

Receive a follow-up e-mail with a list of action items that we have discussed.

All sessions may be conducted exclusively through online platforms or possibly in person depending on your location.

Assistance with identifying specific financial goals for your household.

Receive a customized Personal Financial Review PDF document, which includes an analysis of your financial strengths and weaknesses.  

Unlimited e-mail access to me during our engagement and for follow-up and clarifying questions. 

Please note that this session does not include investment management or advice.

Please note that this service does not include investment management or advice.

Analysis of your monthly cash flow management.

Specific focus on the main long-term goal to achieve financial security: retirement.

An inventory of your insurance coverage and general insurance advice.

An inventory of your estate planning documents and general estate planning guidance.

My financial planning process and analysis specifically focuses on accumulation of savings and reduction and elimination of debt in order to achieve financial security and the management of risk through insurance and estate planning in order to protect your wealth. This approach works for my primary clients who are in the asset accumulation phase of their lives. As a fiduciary, I always put the interests of my clients before my own, and I provide objective financial guidance and personalized, actionable steps and recommendations that are in your best interest.

Specific focus on two important short-term goals: establishment or adequacy of your cash reserves and debt management.


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financial planning services

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