Financial Planning Services

Personal Financial Consultation


This is a one-time 60-minute session where we can address your immediate financial questions and concerns. 

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Beginner Personal Financial Plan


This plan is for you if you are just starting out in your career and interested in establishing a strong financial foundation on which to build your wealth.

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Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss which service is best for you. 

Individual discussion topics include: How to develop a monthly budget; How much to save in an emergency fund; How to pay down and manage debt; Where and how to save for retirement. 
Session topic will be determined before our scheduled meeting.
Please note that this session does not include investment advice or
management or long-term financial projections or analysis.

Learn how to get financially organized.
Establish and prioritize financial goals.
Build a foundational budget with cash flow strategies.
Determine savings goals and where to save.
Debt management and understanding your credit score. 
Education about basic insurance coverage and estate planning. 
Please note that this plan does not include investment advice or management or long-term financial projections or analysis.

We take a different approach to financial planning by providing one-time and as-needed services that can better meet you where you are in the process of achieving your financial goals.  

Full Personal Financial Plan

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This plan is for you if you are established in your career, have accumulated assets, and are looking to gain a clear understanding and assessment of your current financial position and build a financial plan to help you work toward achieving your financial life goals and objectives.  

Establish and prioritize financial goals and objectives.
Cash flow analysis.
Debt management analysis.
Retirement savings analysis.
Risk management: insurance evaluation.
Risk management: estate planning overview.
Tax-smart savings strategies.

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financial planning services

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