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I founded the Business of Your Life to specifically assist those who are not directly served by traditional financial planning firms, which often have minimum asset requirements. As an independent, fee-only planner, I accept client fees only as compensation for my advice. I do not receive revenue from third parties, such as commissions from the sale of investments or other products or referral fees. Finally, by offering hourly virtual services, I provide a convenient and accessible way for individuals to receive guidance on how to organize and evaluate their finances and develop a financial plan to meet their financial needs and achieve their financial goals. 

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and personal finance expert with a Certificate in Financial Planning from New York University School of Professional Studies. As a CFP® professional, I am a fiduciary, which means that I always work in the best interest of my clients and I always put my clients' interests before my own. I have completed a comprehensive course of study in every area of the financial planning process, followed by a rigorous exam. As part of the certification process, I also abide by a set of ethical standards and continuing education requirements.

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